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May 11, 2010


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as a very good and practical engine there is Photoree http://www.photoree.com

perfectly legal, with attribution, creative commons filters, and quick image collection creation

Paul Hellyer

My litmus test for all search engines is using the search term for Vác (a small town in Hungary north of Budapest on the Danube). Many can't seem to handle the "a acute" and read it as an "a", as Vac. Naturally this produces vastly different results. Imageglor finds nothing for "vác", but finds plenty of images when using "vac", including some of "vác". Confused? Precisely.


plenty of Vác photos:

Steve Bellizzi

I did a couple of searches and found a few photos that watermarks blurred out

Wil C. Fry

Actually imagelogr.com isn't a search engine in the sense that the others are. Unlike Google or Yahoo, imagelogr does not provide links back to the web page where it originally found the photos.

For thousands of my photos, imagelogr simply downloaded them from my Flickr and re-hosted them on their own site, without attribution or permission.

I've sent them a Notice of Infringement.

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