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June 11, 2010


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Lesley Martin

I ran an online safety session for parents last year and despite a letter home to each family I had a total of 6 people attend. Similar sessions about how to talk to your teenager about sex and about drugs were also poorly attended. Many of the pupils have their own TV and computer in the bedroom and have no restrictions placed on their use. It is worrying.


To explain my comment on Twitter: 7.30-9 is v difficult for me, personally. First reason is possibly not a common one, but other half gets home at 7.30 and has to make special arrangements to get home earlier. Therefore I can't leave house until then. Main reason though is that 7.30 is bedtime for kids - so 1. it's a more 'involved' time to be asking people to babysit, as they have to 'do' more - limits the range of people I can ask - am happy to ask lots of people after 8pm as all they have to do is watch my TV! 2. As a working parent, with other wider family commitments too, bedtime is precious because it's a reconnecting time. I do have to miss it sometimes, and I want to minimise those times.
So you can see, when the school organises something for 7.30 (which mine does too) it's a PITA. I sometimes go - I went to something this week - but it took a disproportionate amount of organising to do so. Optional stuff I tend to miss. I had always assumed it was for the sake of the teachers involved, who might have had to stay after school to attend, so they could not get home too late?
PS If you included the term 'internet safety' in the publicity, I'm sure it would have helped ;-).


PS should have said that I realise most of my comments are more relevant to those with children younger than your probable target group... but they might have more, younger, children too.

andrea adms

Well I am astonished and saddened that parents were not interested enough to come along to a free session to help them learn how to help and guide their children.....perhaps if they had come and heard you talk they would have felt that they had got to act on it, and that would be just too much effort.

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