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June 15, 2010


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haha, nice one! :)


I love it! I wish I was any good with phone conversations like that!


This is extremely funny! My husband complains that I like to "play" with telemarketers, but this is way more fun than I've had --- I just might have to try something like this on the next one! :)


That is excellent! Fortunately, we don't get bothered by that sort of thing, but I hope I'm on the ball like you are if it does happen. It was one of the first things I read this morning - great way to start the day.


*applause* Phil, you are my hero!

Stuart Benjamin

Priceless. Well done Phil.

A friend of mine once answered the door to Mormons. He covered himself in a white sheet and said "I'm terribly sorry, I'm very busy, you'll have to come back after the ceremony"


Oh I love this! I am going to use the idea in future when I get such calls!




Phil, I enjoy your blog but was sad to read this and the approving comments that came with it. I know that these calls are a pain, but I was left feeling sorry for the people working the phones in what I guess to be a difficult environment - perhaps vile for them too? So just to add a different voice to the comments.

Phil Bradley

Jack - thanks for your counterpoint, which I appreciate. Let me be quite clear - when I get calls from people selling double glazing etc (even though I use the Telephone Preference Service) I'm polite, say 'no thanks' and put the phone down.

These people are rather different. Having talked to them quite often now I'm absolutely 100% certain they know exactly what they're doing; they're certainly technically skilled enough to know that they are identifying important files that the pc needs in order to run as viruses. They are attempting to frighten people into purchasing and installing their own virus software. They may or may not be aware that the credit cards are then cloned. These are NOT poor individuals trapped in crappy jobs - they are deliberate con artists (which is why I use the term spammers) trying to get money out of people who don't know how computers work. I'm sure that you don't have sympathy for people who get money out of people via the lottery/bank detail scams - these are NO different.

Lin armstrong


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