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June 06, 2010


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Jenny Reiswig

Excellent writeup - that's almost exactly my experience with it. I am hoping Apple or someone will come out with a clip-on camera that swivels so you can use it for video chat.

One thing that I really want is the ability to password-protect specific apps. The iPad attracts a lot of curiosity and I want to let people use it, but dislike having to say "ok, please don't use this or this or this app because I have personal stuff in there." My journaling app has this as part of the app, but I wish they'd included this in the OS settings.

Nick Sharratt

Pretty much agree with you on all points - except weight.

Weight in absolute terms is not bad, certainly compared to a laptop or even a netbook of comparable screen size; but is is heavy enough to be an issue to hold comfortably for prolonged periods without something to prop it on. Perhaps my issue with it is exacerbated by choosing the 3G model with adds an extra few gramms - and also because I tend to use it almost constantly for my "entertainment centre" in the home (possibly up to 10 hours in a day at weekend).

It's not a show stopper, but if it was 1/4 the weight it would suit my use better - impossible I know, and I prefer the long battery life over lower weight anyhow :)

Natalie Binder

As a voracious reader and a tech librarian, I'm thrilled that I have an iPad coming in the mail. My small library has a demo Kindle DX and so far I've been less than impressed. I am also concerned about the weight, but come on--it can't be heavier than "The Lord of the Rings."

Thanks for a thoughtful reader's review.

jim alvaro

Interesting article. I've been toying with the idea of getting one but had some questions that you've answered. I'm going to do a little more research but it looks like I'm going to pick one up too.


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