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June 04, 2010


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Andrew J Scott

Hi Phil
You're completely right - this isn't good. Very unfriendly message. It used to be more friendly, not sure what happened.
I've asked Claudio one of our guys to take a look and we'll sort it out. We're only 5 people plus an intern and supporting a website, the backend clever algorithm stuff, a mobile website, windows phone, android and iphone. No excuse of course, it's unfriendly and that isn't acceptable. Thanks for reminding us it is an issue and I'll let you know when we've fixed it.
Hope it won't put you off us for life!
Andrew J Scott
Founder/CEO, Rummble

Phil Bradley

Hey Andrew - thanks for getting back to me - and so quickly; lots of points for that. I'll be happy to come back and take a look when you think it's ready.

Andrew J Scott

Phil - Another update. We're removing the Facebook session detection this afternoon; we'll put something friendlier back again when we update the Facebook connect code. Meanwhile, users can still choose to connect to Facebook by clicking "Facebook Connect" to login.


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