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June 25, 2010


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"...what I'd like to see (which won't happen) that *all* pornographic material has to be on a .xxx domain, and if anything is hosted on a site that isn't, it can be closed down."

Sounds like gross censorship to me. How will "what is pornography" be decided? or rather pornography based on what body of laws? UK, China, Saudi Arabia? Will it be trials or just Peter Mandelson style three strikes(think ten-pin bowling XXX) and you're out!

Phil Bradley

I absolutely fail to see how suggesting that pornography should be posted into a particular place is 'gross censorship' in any way at all. Quite clearly I've not suggested that it shouldn't be allowed, or that people shouldn't be able to read it - just that it should be clearly signposted.

The point 'what is it?' is a very sensible thing to raise however, and of course there is no answer. Which is really what I said, wasn't it?

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