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July 13, 2010


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Diana Nutting

Well done, Phil. I'll be voting for you


David Viner

This is great news. You can count on my support!

Anne Robinson

Good for you, Phil. A far more constructive reponse to CILIP than many (and I include my own comments in that). It almost makes me want to re-join so that I could vote for you!

Michael Hopwood

You can count on my vote.


Well done Phil. Great decision and I will certainly support.


In many ways a reason for me to stay with cilip. Certainly good news for the profession.


Fantastic news, Phil - you'll definitely get my vote.

Marydee Ojala

Good for you, but why oh why do CILIP put its October AGM on the same day as Internet Librarian International (at which, of course, you're speaking)??

Phil Bradley

Marydee - yes, it's a very unfortunate clash indeed. I guess I'll be dashing from one to the other. Helpful however that my speaking session is on the Friday!

Gaz Johnson

Excellent Phil, I'm pretty sure you'll have my vote - unless some form of goose based candidate steps forward (which I somehow seriously doubt!)


If I vote for you, will I get sweeties?

Phil Bradley

Jennie - crumbs, I wasn't expecting the sleaze and corruption to start quite this early! I'm happy to confirm that if you *don't* vote for me there won't be sweets. How's that for a PC answer? :)


Great news! You deserve to be in such a better position to make a difference in CILIP.


That's great news. I will definitely vote for you.

Helen Pullen

Fantastic news. It needs someone to stir things up!


Well, I wish you luck but I'm not sure if a sinking ship with so many holes in it can be saved.




Brilliant, great idea Phil.

Tom Roper

Vote early, vote often, as they used to say


Will there be t-shirts and a campaign song? Seriously Phil, I think it's great that you are doing this. It's so easy to criticise (ahem..) but to actually focus on doing something practical is great. I will lobby like mad on your behalf.


This is great news Phil - I'll be voting for you :-)

Dawn Woods

Well done. Puts us others to shame. Put your money where your mouth is and be open about it. We all respect you for being honest, and as you say, by saying now you are standing everyone will open up to you and say what they want airing without the time/confidence/balls to stand themselves.
Good luck. I don't want the sweets, but I'll vote for you

Jenny Horler

Well done, fully agree with your comments and ideas - you have my support

Barbara Band

Second all the above regarding good decision and support ... and you'l definitely get my X on the form. Cilip desperately needs pro-active members who will "get out there" and spread the word amongst the people who matter, the people who hold the purse-strings and the people who make the political decisions.
And btw ... don't need any sweets ;)

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