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August 27, 2010


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Library Web

Hows about extending #tags into the domain of formal published taxonomies (controlled vocabularies), so people with a shared interest can engage in some community cataloguing? Something along these lines... http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_research/standards/intro_controlled_vocab/ (and the Semantic Web). #creativeideasdept

Caroline Roche

Is there any way of telling if someone else is using the same hashtag? If you want to set up a unique one, I mean. Having a school training day and would like to use our own hastag for tweeting.

Phil Bradley

I think the best way is simply to do a search for the tag that you are interested in using. Then use one or two of the other services to 'register' the tag. I think it's unlikely anyone will try and hijack it. :)

Rohin Kallat

I liked your point about lengthy hashtags not being a smart idea, although I use them for perceived comic effect sometimes.

Is there any way that multiple hashtags about a single event/conference can be grouped together and displayed as "suggested hashtags" because they are similar...just so that even though one person may use "BigBro" for 'Big Brother' as you pointed out, regardless of what another person may use, all content-similar hashtags show up together...to accommodate variations. This could also work for hashtags in different languages in future. For example, "World Football" and "Futbol Mundial" are the same thing, except in different languages.


Best way is to do search for tag, i did not think so lenghty hashtag is not a smart idea but you pin point great hashtag resoures atleast for me.

Gary Green

Twapperkeeper (http://twapperkeeper.com/index.php) is a very handy resource for keeping track of tweets that use a particular hashtag. It doesn't do this automatically - you have to go to the site and set up an archive, so that Twapperkeeper knows that it needs to look for tweets mentioning this hashtag. You can then get these tweets as an RSS feed, or download the file. NB: It can also archive tweets based on a keyword search or user name too.

I'm currently using it to archive tweets that contain the phrase 'love libraries'. :-)

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