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September 03, 2010


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Roddy MacLeod

I think they charge for RSS feeds.

Phil Bradley

Well they do, but you can pay $0 if you prefer. As a money making strategy it's pretty poor I think.

Replyz Team

Thanks Phil, hadn't seen Kurrently yet. We try to keep track of all the real-time engines, and what differentiates each one. You mention tracking conversations is important to you. That is something we do with Replyz.com, which displays a searchable stream of the questions (and conversation-starters) that people are asking across the realtime Web, as well as replies to them, so the full conversation. Looks like you know Danny Sullivan, who did a piece on us here that serves as a good background: http://selnd.com/aDUPFn As a case in point, here's a question you posed on Twitter on August 24th that our service captured, along with all of the replies to it for posterity: http://bit.ly/d2YfBt If you have some time to give Replyz a whirl, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our approach and how it compares to other real-time engines, such as Kurrently and SocialMention. Thanks.

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