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September 19, 2010


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Arthur Weiss

I agree with all your comments and also thought the article was nonsense. (Actually - maybe you shouldn't buy/read Wired anyway. Doesn't it fall foul of it's number one reason i.e. that it's produced to make money for its publishers and writers, including David Rowan - who I'm sure doesn't care a damn about what's my best interests.

However there are good reasons some people avoid Facebook - not one of which was mentioned.
1) Facebook is a terrible time-waster. People spend hours on Facebook - rather than read a good book, they swap YouTube videos and think they are being deep and meaningful.
2) People use Facebook in preference to meeting their friends in real-life. A real drink is many times better than a virtual one - and who ever got anything out of a ;* emoticon rather than the real thing (a kiss).
3) People have always been careless - and given away more than they realised. In the past, misdemeanors from 5 or more years ago tended to get forgotten. Now, with Facebook, they can be visible to all - especially if privacy settings are not correct. Setting these is not as simple as they could be - the default always seems to be "show all". Proof: If the wife of the head of MI6 got it wrong, then what hope is their for the majority of users. So although avoiding your own FB page may not prevent somebody else posting, it can help.
4) Who wants the security services / employers / police, etc. being able to find out more about you than they can anyway. FB provides this - to the extent that spies who can't use FB are being fired: http://bit.ly/bNfLqB
5) Farmville, Camelot, Mafia Wars... need I say more!

So these are reasons not to use FB. Having said that, I love FB - and think its benefits far outweigh its problems.

Jean G. Shaw

Thanks for this bit about Facebook. It reassures me that our organization might usefully use it, though I don't know that I can be bothered to have a personal one.

Why is it that people don't realise that anything that one writes (or say) can become embarrassing, unless you are sure that no one else has access to it or could be listening to your conversation - on the bus for instance. Not that I am that careful, but there was one incident when I turned round and the subject of our conversation was sitting just behind.

Jean Shaw

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