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October 24, 2010


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Hilary Ely

Gosh, thanks for testing this to destruction! I found myself added to a Group yesterday,(a *cough* fan thing), and yes, I could go through my friends and add others I knew were fans too. Narrowly avoided adding some who would have wondered why I'd landed them on Planet Zarg, and wouldn't have thanked me for it. Am I glad I was careful, because it would never have occurred to me that I couldn't undo. This is a timely warning of all the other bear-traps it seems to have. Thank you!

Now I'm getting deluged with email every time someone comments, and a chat box keeps flashing at me. Much as I love my fan-girly friends, seeing them in my timeline has been enough for me.

I do so hope they mend it, and I don't like being experimented on!

Adrian Thompson

Is this another example of Facebook fixing something that wasn't broken? The old group set up was pretty good - not perfect, but you could moderate new members (let anyone request membership, but not let them in until you'd checked them out), but that doesn't seem to be there any more - and the ridiculous situation of not being able, as an admin, to delete a user means that one troller can kill the whole group, and can't be removed unless s/he decides to go. Nice work, Facebook, now hit undo, and go back to the way it was - I can't see any reason why the new features couldn't be added to the old group system.

Therese Kenny

LOL :)
Phil, I always enjoy reading your posts but this one had me laughing aloud on the train this morning. Love your writing style and sense of humour.

Thanks for sharing your experiences...
Phil & Jo 1: Facebook 0 :)

Therese (TL in Sydney, Australia)

Hazel Edmunds

OK, I had my say, such as it was, on Facebook. Only thing to add is that Wiktionary defines derring do as "Valiant deeds in desperate times; Brave and adventurous, often reckless actions"
I don't have you down as the reckless type, Phil, but do please keep up the valiant, brave and adventurous actions on behalf of the less brave and valiant.


I had no idea that I could be involuntarily added to groups - that's fine if it's something ok like a Librarians group, but what happens if someone adds you to a dodgy group? Especially if you're using Fb in any sort of professional way, eg as an organisation. Is it possible to add non-people (eg like an academic library) to a group?

Anyhoo, methinks I'll quietly remove myself ;)

Phil Bradley

Yes, exactly. I'd originally - when I started the group - was that it was just a way that I could arrange *my* contacts in a slightly different way. I wasn't expecting it was going to have the implications that it has - particularly since I've had other people asking to join the group and others have been joining yet others. Facebook monkeys strike again.

Miss Crail

I cannot tell you how happy it made me to read Phil's post. Got into a terrible mess myself when the reasonable-sounding idea of a Facebook group started to go sour on me, and things one logically ought to be able to do could not be done. The logical conclusion was that this was due to my incompetence. So to find out that Phil Bradley, one of them clever people, and big fan of Facebook, has had a bit of a tussle has - I'm sorry - made me feel SOOOO much better

Phil Bradley

To be perfectly honest Miss Crail, I'm not sure where you've got the idea that I like Facebook. I really don't like it very much at all. I find their attitude almost as arrogant as Google, the difficulties in setting privacy levels is insane and they've got far too much power and it looks like it's going to be increasing.

Of course I use it, because I have to. Same way that I have to go to the Dentist. It's a necessary evil, but I don't need to actually *like* it.

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