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November 20, 2010


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Karen Blakeman

I have so may call centres and known marketing numbers blocked on my phone, and I now ignore all calls labelled as "International" because of the infuriating number of scammers. And if I am working on a presentation I put the voicemail and phone on silent so that I don't notice that someone is trying to get in touch with me via that rather quaint thing stuck in the corner of the office.

I am out and about a lot anyway running workshops or at a client's office so I usually tell people to use email, Twitter DM, Facebook message, LinkedIn. No point even in ringing my mobile number because if I am training or at a client's my mobile will be on silent!

Ed Jewell

Quite! Was rather taken aback this week when my mobile rang. Much prefer text, e-mail or tweet - the written word has a delete option & gives space to think.


The phone call might be dead if you happen to be sighted, literate, able to use a computer. Unfortunately, not everyone is in this lucky position.

For example, I can only communicate to my parents by telephone or in person because I can't read and write Chinese and they can't read and write very much English. Even if we were literate in the same languages, I think we would want to hear each other's voices once in a while.

And perhaps there are those who actually prefer the intimacy and ease of speech. I find it much more enjoyable to have long conversations on the phone: I can talk faster than I type; I can use a hands-free set and do other things while I talk; I can make sounds, sing, do impressions.

The growth of VOIP just proves that the phone call isn't dead - the carrier of the voice is just different but we still want to talk.

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