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November 14, 2010


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Being an information professional you have learned how to evaluate your sources. Too bad not everyone is learning this same skill.
You would expect journalists to check their sources as well. Even if it's only not to make a fool of themselves...

Ed Jewell

There seems to be a deep-rooted human desire to establish objective'truth' and to control the broadcasting of said truth. From oracles to sacred texts, bully pulpits to Millbank spin someone is always trying to control the message. While social media certainly challenges traditional media I doubt we are on the verge of an enlightened perspectival nirvana; a new orthodoxy is almost bound to arise. It'll be interesting to see what shape it takes.

Mohan Arun L.

One big advantage that traditional publishing and news sources have is their name recognition - they are seen as authoritative and believable so may be they can try and leverage that advantage as much as they can, by embracing twitter rather than opposing.


The problem with Twitter as a news source, and the reason why traditional media and professional journalists will always have the edge in public perceptions of 'truth' is staeted yourself in connection to Paul Chambers.

Mr Chambers tweeted in anger. It is all too easy to do this on social media sites where references, sources and vocabulary go unchecked. Twitter, bloggs, Facebook and other social media are full of people with an axe to grind, with an opinion they believe in to the exception of all else...and now with social media a forum from which to pontificate.

Reports of events Twitter remain an amalgamtion of opinions, not a researched report of what is happening. The accuracy and assurance brought by quality journalism cannot be replicated by immediacy and sheer volume. 1000 people immediately reporting an event still lacks the insight provided by 1 professional analysing the causes, effects, and outcomes 2,3,4 hours after the event.

Twitter may tell you what is happening, but it will not tell you why, how or what the effects on your life will be.

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