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December 17, 2010


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Thanks for the great list. I've also been looking at Licorize and Wonderpage. But I'm still hoping Yahoo! will have a change of heart! :(


Re. Favilous. Just a note to say that we are currently improving the site with visual improvements and additional functionality including tagging and the ability to import bookmarks (from delicious for example) plus a host of new functionality in early 2011.

walt crawford

A first-rate service to the community of about-to-be-refugees, even if your initial comment on Yahoo!'s decision may be a bit too kind. Thanks! (Sigh: But now I want to tag this page for reference...using Delicious, of course, since the icon's right there on my address bar. I'll learn.)


Any suggestions for tools where bookmarks can be exported with comments to a nice and simple format i.e. pdf ?

Phil Bradley

Competia - I'd suggest export to HTML and then use an HTML-PDF conversion utility. Try my Web 2 (I want to) weblog under Misc File Formats for a few tools that should achieve that for you. :)

Cristina Mariani

How about Stumble Upon?

Andy Tattersall

Thanks Phil, ever on the ball - hopefully Delicious won't go, purely as we need useful tools to survive. If not, what future holds for the smaller sites and tools. Considering that the majority of computer users don't use anything in the realms of Delicious, we're yet to reach the golden age of social sofwtare (in my humble opinion)

Hugh Jorgan

Your review of Google Bookmarks is a joke. Why even mention it if you fail to review it? It happens to save, tag and categorize bookmarks very well.

Pietro Polsinelli

Licorize does import from Delicious (preserving tags), and is built on a different philosophy from traditional bookmarking services: the bookmark is expandable as a "seed" for ideas, projects and so on. If you bookmark for work - and not exclusively for fun - it coud be useful.


I like Netvouz.com, it has been around for years and I really like its simple interface.

Andy Tattersall

Latest update from Delicious, promising news, but like Pageflakes damage has been done, how much though?

Brian O'Doherty

Another alternative is Netsso.com. You can export your Delicious links to your desktop and then click to import into www.Netsso.com But Netsso is not for "social bookmarking"..Instead it delivers your links privately to you on any PC, in a unqiue "desktop-like" interface, which enables you to drag the links and group them as most suits your current priorities, etc. Name your link as you wish, with any memorable title...Netsso will remember it and dial you in, including url, username and password.

Rene Verkaart

I use www.vizited.com. I love the design of the website. It does exactly what it promisses: your bookmarks made izi! Bookmarks are saved as thumbnails, you can tag and search and even share it with your friends.
It's still in beta, but the makers listen very carefully to wishes and feedback from users. So send in you wishes and find them implemented in the next update.
Check it out. I can recommend it.

Guillaume Decugis

I've found using Instapaper works really well for me (I have the iPad and iPhone App in premium versions which are not very expensive). I can archive and classify articles and I have them synched offline to read in the plane.

And for anything worth sharing or publishing on topics that I care about, I use Scoop.it the new publishing-by-curation platform we've just created here at Goojet (Invites to private beta available for those interested in trying : guillaume at goojet . com).

Arnaud CM

Hi Phil, sorry but Pearltrees is missing !


Very nice alternative, i use it everyday. Simple, Firefox/Chrome plugin available, and a community growing up.


Truong Phan

for who use Instapaper, I write a tiny app to import from delicious dangtruong.appspot.com/bookmarks

Gwyneth Marshman

We currently use Delicious to manage the 'Useful Links' section of our website, and even though Delicious may not be going down imminently we think it would be wise to locate an alternative. However, I'm not sure that the concept of 'Useful Links' is really helpful any more, so I'm not sure whether to look for a simple bookmark listing service or something more complex.

As a longer-term project I'm looking at the whole structure of our website and how we can better organise it to link in to other relevant resources on the web. However, this is not going to be a quick job and I'm concerned I'll end up spending so much time evaluating the possibilities offered by other resources that I'll miss the 'quick win'!

Any suggestions for where to start? I have Netvibes at the back of my mind as something I'd like to do things with at some point... does it have the flexibility to evolve from a bookmarking service into something more complex later on if desired? (Only problem is I work for the NHS and many people still use IE6, which I think is an issue in terms of speed?)

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