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December 02, 2010


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Phil, many congratualation on becoming VP. One question? Will you still be working with Voices of the library (http://www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk/wordpress/) or is there a conflict of interest?


sums up what a librarain should be in a nutshell - we are in changing times and need to be surfing the wave not floundering beneath it

Diana Nutting

Congratulations, Phil. I hope I can help you achieve your vision for CILIP.

Phil Bradley

Hi Les, thanks for the question. I don't see any conflict of interest between CILIP and VtfL at all, since they're doing different things. I'm still more than happy to support their activities, but I will be taking a back seat since I only have so much free time to dedicate to different things and I suspect that CILIP is going to require almost all of it!

Chris Atkins

Yay, great news, Phil. Definitely the right man for the job!


Congratulations again Phil - I feel really positive about what CILIP can offer us all now if we pull together, and being able to make a stronger case for joining to colleagues.

By the way, you are absolutely right about Edwina Smart. I was at the CIIP WM event and her genuine concern and commitment to libraries was obvious. I didn't vote for her, (like you, her vision was not quite the same as mine) but I was really impressed that she and all the other candidates took the time, trouble and expense of coming to talk to us. Impressive, and much appreciated

Martin White

Congratulations on your elevation. My personal view is that we need, as a profession, to be putting as much emphasis on the 'I for Information' as we are on the 'L for Library' element of CILIP. My particular interest is in the development of intranet managers - though they often do not have this title. In my view the work that they do marks them out as 'information professionals' and yet they would not for one moment consider CILIP to be their professional organisation. Since there are probably more people with a role of managing intranets than there are currently members of CILIP that is a significant new market that we should be targeting.

Which brings me to the need to take a very proactive view of information management, but that is far too long a polemic to add to this comment

Kirsten Bax

Well done getting elected. There's hope for us all.
My colleagues and I will need it as our authority is planning to replace us with library assitants.

Ian Anstice

Glad to see you in.

As to the I and the L - well, it's interesting, from my point of view (as a public librarian) I see the "I" side dominating and the L side losing ground and perhaps being relegated to a premature burial. I was delighted to see you are a founding father of Voices of the Library though - they're (you're) doing great things with that.

Katharine Widdows

I'm so glad you were voted in Phil, congratulations. It was great to hear you speak in Birmingham, we need people in positions of influence who are not afraid to speak out and who are not afraid of change. I'm really looking forward to what might happen in the next 3 years.

David Bisset

I only know you virtually; but I was certain that you were a worthy V-P candidate.
Many congratulations. There are tough times ahead; people like yourself will be needed.

David W Bisset

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