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January 26, 2011


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Graham Dash

But what happens when this is set up for eBooks. I've been talking about this for some time on Twitter and other places. I'd certainly use an eBook lending service of this kind for a moonthly subscription if it meant I could get all published eBooks.
Now if the Publishers Association sorted itself out and saw the light regarding libraries loaning eBooks, a national, the whole UK, eBook lending service would provide a really good, comprehensive collection available to all. This is somethng the MLA should have been working on. It's probably getting close to being too late now.

walt crawford

I don't believe BookSwim has really caught on in the US either (although I'll certainly second the hope that it doesn't in the UK). Even their puffery website only claims "tens of thousands of readers" have at some time used them--which, four years in to the service for a nation of 330 million, isn't even a rounding error compared to public library use (since a majority of Americans do use public libraries, to the tune of more than two billion circs a year).


The 'Love Film' for books idea has been around a few years now, and indeed it is an idea that to a degree has some merit. HOWEVER ..., it should be the UK's library services that are offering it (maybe with a nominal fee to cover postage - or with sponsorship to cover postage).


Actually, it's amazing how many people simply don't know what the library offers. I remember my brother-in-law being very excited about the idea of a lending library, and asked me how much it cost to rent a book. He was amazed (and delighted) to discover it was free, and has since become a regular borrower.

Maybe, though, the small numbers, no deadline model might be an option for public libraries though - my sister is always put off from taking her children in because she's disorganized and always has fines outstanding.

Lindsay Wallace

Of course they should be using libraries, but maybe we need to be adopting Love Film's model and setting up pay per lend services where the books are sent out to the customer and fines are not charged. It's probably too big for one library authority, but what about regional consortia? As long as it is self funding - or perhaps in partnership with Waterstones or Amazon? We might even be able to channel profit back into main stream servies!

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