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January 26, 2011


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Roger Fairman

Hi Phil,

Agree with everything you have said, and will be taking the tick out of the box as soon as it comes out of the gray. (Thanks to those nice folks at FB I'm wasting my time checking every now and then!!!)

However, I'm wondering exactly how much info I'd be sharing if I didn't, Given that:

a) I think I've got every privacy setting possible set to Friends only (or me only in some cases),

b)There is not a single tick in the 'Information accessible through your friends'


C) and FB say - "These partner sites , can only access the information and content you've already made available to everyone"

On the other hand I might have just let my cynicism levels slip a bit!!

Phil Bradley

Roger - I understand exactly. I'm pretty much the same and have most stuff locked down. However, Facebook monkeys are pretty damn sneaky in my experience and it wouldn't surprise me to see them change things around without telling us, and what used to be private isn't any longer.

Second point is that if lots of people turn this off, maybe they'll get the message that it's not welcome? Probably not, but it's worth a thought. :)

Andrea Moro

Being part of a social world, it means getting interconnected with multiple site and player around the world automatically.

If you are afraid about how your users data can be used, just avoid using social site. Don't pretend they respect such a limit imposed only by your disgust to be offered relevant services and information.

Said this, as far as I can see it looks like you have to be signed in using facebook on the third party web site. Otherwise the sharing looks impossible.
Perhaps I'm wrong and misinterpreted what they say into their page.

Christopher Hinn

When you want to be a part of the social media,give only information that you want to share with people. Be responsible also and know your limitations as what extent of information you want to share. On facebook you can also edit your settings as to whom you want your information visible.

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