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January 22, 2011


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Delightfully evil!


Haha! Love this :)


You made my day. You've inspired me.

Arthur Weiss

I love this.

I did something similar to this where I took a different approach. I got one of those free disposable phone / voicemail numbers you can get. (Not sure if still available, but I used j2.com - now jconnect.com). You can't phone with them - but people can phone you and leave a message.

I signed off all my messages with my "telephone" number and did something similar to Phil. I then told the spammer that as it was so much money, it made sense meeting up in person so that I could sign things rather than risk sending it via email. (I said I was very security conscious and was worried the details may be stolen by somebody). I looked up flights to Ghana and a hotel in Accra. I then sent my spammer these details plus the hotel I was staying in, and suggested that it would be great if he met me at the airport.

A few hours later, i got a desperate phone message saying that he'd missed me at the airport and what room was I in as the hotel would not give out my details..... This went on for a week with us continually missing each other and each time he tried to phone my (premium rate) mobile number :)

Great fun hearing the desperation in his voice on was I OK and where was I and when would I be in the hotel to meet up....

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