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January 06, 2011


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by invitation only though. How do you get one?

Phil Bradley

No, if you go to the home page you can Create an account by signing in with Facebook, or twitter, or sign up with email. :)


Ah, right you are. Thank you!


How did you find the quality of the answers? I had a look at Quora (written up on the mmitblog blog:http://mmitblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/quora-crowdsourcing-answers/) and wasn't finding the answers were anywhere near the level of usefulness that stackoverflow.com and other StackExchange.com sites offer. I've been looking at Aardvark too and wishing that it was a platform run by librarians as the technology is great, but the content isn't currently matching it.

Arthur Weiss

Agree partially on the RSS feed bit. However if you use Rockmelt as a browser it's simple to add the topics you are following to the right-hand column. Just add the URL as a feed and it works. I'm monitoring questions that way quite happily.

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