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January 26, 2011


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Chris Armstrong

There are about 30 UK public library authorities that use OverDrive, which is built around a model that allows the lending of e-books (and audiobooks) to hand-held devices. Similarly the new Askews offering allows for lending. NetLibrary always has (to laptops) and the change of ownership from OCLC to Ebsco is likely to increase the 'loanability' aspect. These are, of course, all aggregators - bringing together e-books from many publishers... and that will include e-books from publishers like Macmillan who are determined (at this time) not to allow library lending and so will have to be excluded from the aggregator's overall model and used only within the library network. One US library has added a 'purchase' button to their catalogue e-book records for non-library members who use their catalogue: it simply directs users to Amazon or Barnes & Noble... so it is not unreasonable to explain to publishers that libraries increase sales.

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