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January 21, 2011


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Awww, poor Daniel, he was trying so hard. So very, very hard!

Nicola Franklin

makes you wonder how these scam organisers motivate their workers to try so hard, yet various government departments clearly haven't cracked it yet - maybe they should sell the government some training courses instead?


Have you tried telling Radio 4? Sounds like a story You & Yours may cover. At least they can publisize it and stop other people falling victim. Who knows, they may even investigate and be able to get 'Daniel' and his scary boss arrested.

Amanda Poulton

The frightening thing about this is not the boss but that sadly some people will be sucked in by scams like this and lose their money.

Gary Archer

Perhaps as its Eastbourne based (01323) East Sussex Trading Standards might be interested
I know our council has had Scambusters and Scamnesty campaigns

Phil Bradley

Interesting point Gary, thank you. The Govt. consumer folk didn't get back to me, so I could let them know. Although the number they gave could just have been random, but at least it would be someone to let know. (As another correspondent - Jan - pointed out, it would have been on 0303 number if it had been Government, and of course the Tax folk don't do stuff like that over the phone anyway)

Hazel Edmunds

Unfortunately not everyone is as clued up as you, and your readers are. I had a call from a neighbour recently asking about a similar scam. "Is it for real?" he wanted to know. He was so disappointed when I told him not to provide his bank details or he's be cleaned out rather than getting anything. Incidentally, the same chap closed his anti-malware programs 'cos he couldn't get onto a website he wanted to - and then wondered why he had 29 viruses that took HOURS to get rid of!

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