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April 30, 2011


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john gordon

I avoid Adobe products for many reasons, not least that they appear to hate customers. Aperture works for me.

In this case though, I think Adobe gets off. You were scammed. You shouldn't expect Adobe to make you whole. Your beef is with Amazon.

Phil Bradley

Thanks John, but I'll disagree with you here, and I'll tell you for why. Either the software is legit, and I've got proof of honest purchase, or I've been scammed and the copy that I've got is not legit.

Now, if it's the first option, Adobe could encourage me by agreeing it's legit and offering me the support to upgrade the product, and get the £200 out of me. They win.

If it's not legit, then someone is trying to steal from them, and I've given them all the details and proof that they need to follow it up. They have chosen not to do so, nor to even show any indication that they want to. Their view towards piracy is therefore 'we don't care, and we don't care about legit purchasers of our software either'.

As I pointed out, no-one wins in this case, and Adobe are £200 down. Not much, I agree, but they make it pretty near impossible for me to act in an honest and upfront manner.

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