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April 05, 2011


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Bryan (from Booklends)

Hi Phil, thanks for writing about us!

Amazon's lending FAQ states that: "At this time, Kindle book lending can only be initiated by customers residing in the United States. If a loan is initiated to a customer outside the United States, the borrower may not be able to accept the loan if the title is not available in their country due to publisher geographical rights."

You're right that we hadn't really considered users outside the US at this point, but the site should still function for you. I believe that you should be able to make wish lists and US users should be able to initiate loans to you, according to Amazon's (regretfully limiting) policies.

Additionally, I would expect that our site would properly sync with your Amazon library, although none of the books would show up as lendable for you.

I'd be very interested in testing our site with you if you have the time. Or maybe there are other things we can try to make things easier for international users. Contact me at bryan@booklends.com and we can work something out.

Thanks again!

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