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April 23, 2011


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Justin Unrau

It's still working for me. For "dog" and "schema" at the very least.


skip the colon. "define dog" works great.

I guess this is an implementation that will suit users not as tech-savvy as you better. :)

Kenley Neufeld

But if you just type the term, it almost always comes up with the definition first in the results.


Odd, it's working for me. I tried define:dog define:dragon and define:beatles

Phil Bradley

Stranger and stranger. I have no luck with define without the : either.

Rebecca Black

Swap the "q" parameter in the URL for "query".

This is broken: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=define%3A%20dog

But this works: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&query=define%3A%20dog

I believe that Google are possibly changing around the user interface a little...

Joanne Pilkington

Maybe that's why they removed it because when you leave the colon out the first result is always a definition anyway. I just liked that it showed you a range of different definitions without you having to click through to the site :-(

Therese Kenny

Still no luck here either (google.com.au). Nothing works - ie. with or without the :


Hazel Edmunds

OK, I tried define mimetics without the colon and got A definition followed by some things which looked like what I would have got from yesterday's define: mimetics but to get the layout I'm used to and have worked with for months (years?) then I have to go through the convoluted other search results, dictionary!
Not happy!

Therese Kenny

Hi Phil,

Looks like a bug. One of the other GCTs has pointed out this discussion on the Google support forums:


Fingers crossed for a quick solution...


Lawrence Jones

Works for me too on www.google.co.uk. I made a typo and typed in 'define:god'. Still worked though....



- once you have clicked on "dictionary" and you obtained a first list of definitions, you can go on with the function typing other words in the search field.

- if you are a firefox user and added the "add to search bar" module (= extension), you can right-click on the same search field above the definition list and thus add the google define function to your list of search engines. from there you will access directly the function saving even the trouble of typing "define:" before the word.

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