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April 30, 2011


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Brad Noble

Hi Phil. Brad from PostPo.st here.

Thanks for the post.

On a couple of your concerns:

1. the number 200
We use this number to determine what to index, but if any of the people you follow are also PostPo.st users, you'll have access to more than your initial core 200 when you search.

I take your point about allowing users to augment who gets indexed. We're looking at that. Hope your happy with the results, despite not having that fine-tune control for now.

2. On this point: "I can't actually go to the next step though, of limiting search to a specific person's tweets with photographs in them AND a keyword, so that's a slight frustration."

You can do this. Start with your keyword search, and then use the 'links' and 'photos' filters just above the results. (You can also use these in combination with the friends that run down the left side of the page.)

Happy searching!


Hi Phil. Quick note to let you know we've dramatically improved search speed and link, photo and video searching on PostPo.st.

Hope you get a chance to take a look.

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