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May 03, 2011


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Martin Stone

An interesting post. Like you I've used Amazon and Amazon Marketplace (without any real problems)over many years but agree we need to remember that all is not perfect.

My concern is over their complete disregard for the accuracy of their bibliographic database. I've tried to deal with these issues with Amazon but with no success.

Firstly their listing of print on demand items by the publisher like Books LLC. This outfit extracts articles from Wikepdia and then packages them for resale. OK maybe they do exist, they have an sbn etc, but they are clearly a fleecing exercise from which Amazon are happy to benefit.

Secondly I know of at least one book that does not exist being offered for sale through Amazon Marketplace. This is a title where publication was announced but due to problems with the author, who failed to complete the manuscript, was then cancelled. (I was the CEO of the publisher at the time). Re-sellers have five copies attached to the Amazon database entry being offered for sale. Amazon have been told this three times but refuse to do anything. Pity the person who goes to buy a copy.

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