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June 06, 2011


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Tony Hirst

If you repeatedly run the same search, do you get back the same results? I don't think I'd expect to anymore... there is no Google Ground Truth...

Phil Bradley

Tony - yes, I should try that. And then again without being logged in. And on different browsers. But to be honest I think at that point it would probably break my head. It's just not worth the risk! However, I think you're absolutely right and have hit the nail on the head, there is no Google Ground Truth.

Nick Sharratt

Surely this is an issue with the meta data associated with images which google infers based on context and is more subtle that "photo"="Picture" etc. So where an image name includes a word, I would expect it to be ranked higher than an image which had the same word close to it in context on a page. Thus it makes complete sence for google to rank results differently depending on the exact term used. This is a 'good thing' not a problem.

Phil Bradley

Thanks for your comment Nick. I don't actually see how it's a good thing when a user has to do two searches to obtain good coverage rather than one. Google is intelligent enough to be able to work out when something is a picture, what colour it is, what it's about and so on - we only have to look at the good work they've done on image search to see this - yet they cannot seem to port that understanding across.

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