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June 02, 2011


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It also seems to me that most social media have involved opting-in to a service. I explicitly signed up for Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. Google's attempts so far seem to have involved bolting something on or intruding into what I thought was personal space. I don't want people viewing my feed reader or my emails. Now, I am also increasingly unlikely to want to sign up for another service in an increasingly stable social media environment. People I know in various contexts are on FB, Twitter, or wherever, and I don't want to move myself or them again.

I think Google has a future as the glue of the whole thing: I don't think they have to do social media itself. Even Facebook eventually opened itself up to Google searching.

Do you think Google are actually losing money on not having a strong social media presence? I understood it is hard to actually convert something like Twitter into actual cash.


Interesting way you define Google's difficulties as stemming from the nature of its business - advertising. Another powerful social media factor Facebook has to drive its "Likes" is the relevance of the user profile. You not only see what got liked, but WHO liked it - and you make a judgement whether to link to that content based on your perception of that person's taste. Until Google can get a solid Google profile base, its Plus-One function will be irrelevant.

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