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August 29, 2011


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Katharine Widdows

I hadn't heard of this before Phil, thanks for flagging it up. It sounds pretty creepy. Presumably it is only pulling back publicly posted info - and if your account is fairly well locked down people won't be able to find your stuff?

Phil Bradley

Katherine - no, it's not publicly available stuff - it's stuff that's available for your friends to see. Which in theory shouldn't be a problem, but in practice maybe - particularly since actually finding the original post and deleting it will be much harder than it being found by a friend in the first place!

Katharine Widdows

Thanks very much for the reply Phil. I like facebook less and less all the time - I just logged in to discover that while I wasn't looking they made it possible for other people to tag me in locations (even though the mobile locations thing has been discontinued). So I worked my way through all the new privacy settings and read the info and I'm really not comfortable with it - I think I'm going to remove a lot of the content from my account and just leave a fairly empty placeholder there. It's a shame, because I used to feel fairly in control of it, but this whole idea of share, share, share and then let other people share it too just makes me nervous.

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