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August 12, 2011


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Anne Littlewood

Hear hear! I'm just about old enough to remember the riots in Brixton and Toxteth in the 80s, although not quite old enough to remember what the scapegoat was that time (video nasties maybe?!). Civil disturbance far predates the widespread use of social networking. In my view, Twitter should make it EASIER for the police to track criminality, if those criminals are stupid enough to discuss their next moves on a public forum.

Orangeaurochs (@orangeaurochs)

Social media and texting are also now of enormous use in these situations to the innocent. To quote myself from another social media platform:

- During the 7/7 bombings text messaging was useful to know if my wife, on a train to Kings Cross at the time, was safe or not.
- My employer has a system of text messaging in place in case of emergencies (presumably includes rioting)

Not to mention:

- the cleanups organised via Twitter
- the fact that I found news out about the riots quicker via Twitter than the BBC news website (and presumably so could people caught up in the midst of these things who want or need to make themselves safe)
- the successful reassurance and information given by the police during the riots by, for eg. @bedspolice. Incidentally, Beds Police used Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Ringmaster through Operation Athelney: http://www.bedfordshire.police.uk/advice_centre/operation_athelney.aspx

Orangeaurochs (@orangeaurochs)

See also "Fingers were at the heart of riot organisation, claims Cameron": http://newsthump.com/2011/08/12/fingers-were-at-the-heart-of-riot-organisation-claims-cameron/

Debby Raven

I remember reading about the postal service when started being considered dangerous and subversive for enabling illicet meetings to be set up!


See also "Fingers were at the heart of riot organisation, cl

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