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September 15, 2011


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The fact that their latest news is from 2008 hardly inspires confidence either. If they haven't got any news why have the page at all?


Websense (or WebNonsense) is one of the ones that appears to be popular in law firms. It has some awesomely odd categories for blocking/allowing quota timed access to, my favourite being "Tasteless", which is entirely blocked. Glad someone Out There is looking after my delicate disposition...
Another entertaining time was had when I was asked to research the gambling laws of various countries...but WebSense blocks access to gambling sites, even if they're just informational pages. Fun times.

Full list here, for amusement about what could be blocked for us:


Martin Hughes

I can't comment on this particular filter, but I know some filters work on IP address ranges that cover a number of sites via the same web host and/or subnet. If a range includes a genuine dating site (or otherwise), it can block the entire IP range. I've suffered that before via a work filter and had it lifted after querying.

If I remember the website you can check within subnets for the actual (if any) offending sites, I'll let you know.

Secular Sue

I've just looked at the Futuresoft homepage. Any company that peddles "The Word of Promise" audio bible and the "Truth and Life Dramatized Audio bible" is surely working to a specific agenda. I'd be interested to know Phil if, should they reply re the dynacomm filter, they send you a biblical app as an "added extra". I've read a lot about Americans and their proselytizing but I hadn't appreciated they were so heavily involved in internet filtering. Now that's what I call really tasteless.

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