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October 13, 2011


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Have a read of the ReadWriteWeb article that appears in the "related articles" box. I don't think it's fair to characterise them as being in financial trouble - they've deliberately opted not to receive commercial funding, and have reasonably used up the first round of funding. Doesn't seem unreasonable to be asking for a further round of community funding.

Phil Bradley

David - appreciate your comments, thanks. I think that they've shot themselves in the foot because I'm not going to be the only person to look at the email and think 'oh-oh'. Most other companies in a similar position will seek funding by providing paid for services, rather than - not beating about the bush - begging.

Yosem Eduardo Companys

We're a 100% volunteer-run non-profit. Not sure how asking for donations is shooting ourselves in the foot.

Phil Bradley

Because you're asking for something for nothing; it's blatantly obvious. You're giving people no really good reason to support you other than 'we're not Facebook, we just want to look like them'. Don't get me wrong - great idea, all power to you, interface is fine and dandy, but the email sent out a very negative message. Maybe you should start by trying to buy the obvious URL?

But hey - if it's worked and you've got lots of cash, come back and tell me, I'll happily eat humble pie.


I had exactly the same reaction as you Phil. I love Diaspora both for the idea of a open community social network, and the clean interface. But sending me an email asking for 25$ was something that made me stop and think. I hope that both you and I are wrong, but they should have gone about this in a different way. Setting up something like Kickstarter or a way to contribute that would be smell less of desperation.

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