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November 12, 2011


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I still buy around 15-20 CDs a year (but then again I still buy about 6 Vinyl records a year too). Anything I really like I still buy in a physical format. I listen to spotify a lot, and also download some things from eMusic [only ever bought 2 albums from iTunes ever]. I like having the good sound quality back up.

BUT, I agree with the general tone of the argument about music. As Todd Rundgren says, "music is a service, not a product" and should be marketed accordingly.

Sheila Thomas (@Speranda)

I still buy CDs. I hardly every play music at home but I often play music in the car, and there I have a CD system. I have only ever twice downloaded e-format music to my computer - once because a friend was playing on a track and once because I thought I really ought to put some music on my iPad even though I have never listened to it.

Richard (@RichardP39)

I have not bought a CD in years, even the audiobooks I listen to whilst driving are downloaded to my iPod from the library and played through my car stereo. The library authority I work for made the music CDs closed access a couple of years ago.

I think there is still an, albeit dwinderling, market for CDs, not everyone is online yet, this is obvious by the number of people who use public access computers in public libraries.

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I, myself, could not remember when I last bought a CD. Nevertheless, I still use some from my collection a few years back, and it's still working perfectly.


I still like to buy CDs for the same reason I still prefer books to e-books. I like their physical presence, to browse my collection and have the covers etc but that's just my personal preference.

However my elderly parents have just told me they have bought Susan Boyle and Andre Rieu CDs this week. They do not possess ipods etc and wouldn't have a clue how to download music.

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