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December 16, 2011


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Ashly Lorenzana

Hi there, appreciate the time you have taken here to question Squidoo and their weak social media strategies.

This is something I hadn't thought of much on a conscious level. I had also visited their Twitter and noted their broadcast tweets, but it hadn't struck me as particularly odd at the time.

I was much more disappointed upon visiting Seth's blog a while back, when I wanted to comment on a post of his that I had read in my feed reader. Discovering that he does not allow comments was incredibly lame, I have to agree.

They are a small team, as you pointed out. So maybe resources are spread thin. They also don't sell anything directly, since Squidoo is free to use. So maybe they are less worried about social media than companies like Starbucks or Dell.

I love using Squidoo myself, but you have an excellent point here and it would be nice to hear from Seth or another team member at Squidoo so that we could better understand their position on all these things.

Kevin Leland

Great post. As much as I like to "chew ass" it's nice to see someone else do it. Best of all, the "ass chewing" applies to me as well! I am very complacent with social media, yet I'm in full agreement with you that it is extremely important, especially when you want to show associates that you are interested, and especially that they deserve the respect of "an open door policy"

I'm going to search out these people, do some social/business intelligence gathering, and see if I can discern if they wear white hats or black ones. Like the head hancho's at Factoidz and EzineArticles...Mike Quoc and Chris Knight:


So far, I like what I hear about Seth and his crew, even though you make a valid point about them being "aloof" ...As you said, it may be because they offer a platform for free, and the associate to big cheese ratio makes it impossible to go one on one very much. However, there is nothing too difficult about updating social media at least once a month. Even I do that!

I plan to start practicing what you preach though, thanks for the jump-start!

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