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May 04, 2012


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Seth Sevenyoln

I like Robot Uncle! Some of the features are very nice, too bad they do not image search like http://Fireburst.webs.com or http://www.binngle.com. The later does not really have image search but will show images in the results. Another search engine that gives you other search engines is http://www.superiorsearch.tk which is brand new. I like it =)


I Completely Disagree with what writer has written about http://www.robotuncle.net. Its one of the fastest growing search engine that gives you most relevant search results..

Phil Bradley

I have been asked by Matthew to review what I've written. I can now click on a link and go direct to the website, without the intermediate step.

There is however: no advanced search option. It's not possible to exclude words using a - or a NOT to reduce the number of terms. I have no idea what options are available as search syntax - Matthew, would you like to list them please? Can you also explain why you have decided not to let people reduce the number of results by allowing Boolean operators please.

You say that your search results are accurate - the first search that I tried - CILIP did not have the CILIP website on the first page of results, when all other search engines that I try do.

The first things that come up are 'related results' when they're not actually related at all, are they? They are in fact adverts. Don't you think this is misleading your users?

You only provide 4 pages of results, unlike other search engines which give greater options and opportunities to look through more results. Matthew - please tell me why you think this is a better approach.

When I do a search for David Cameron in auctions I get results that are nothing to do with David Cameron. Can you explain why this is helpful please?

Can you explain to me why I can't do a phrase search on your search engine please? How is NOT allowing that helpful to users?

If this search engine is growing quickly - I'd love to see figures showing that.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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