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August 28, 2012


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Hazel Edmunds aka @careersinfo

I don't worry too much about followers but by no means do I follow back those that are not of interest to me professionally.
The only time I look at someone else's followings are when I think there's something a bit odd about them - particularly if it's a business a/c. Like the local business man who had a lot of "ladies without sweaters" following him.

Tatiana Kochergina

Wow! 77% with your number of followers is really a lot! I have 93% good, but I have MUCH less followers :) Good job Phil! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Martin Newman aka @MartinInfoMan

Very interesting and some sound advice on followers, however I'm not sure how well this actually works as I came back with 0% fake and 5% inactive. I know there are some very obvious 'bots' that are following me so I would have thought they would have come up as fakes.

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