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October 16, 2012


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Interesting that your daydream still consists of someone 'going into a library' to choose 5 books, when surely it's much more likely that this will be done remotely?

Phil Bradley

Will - thanks for the comment. The reason that I said that people would have to go into a library was that in my particular vision here a library could loan the reader preloaded with up to the 5 books. Secondly, because it's not that easy to copy books onto the device (needing a smartphone, app and bluetooth)it may be a bit too technical for the average user to do themselves. Ideally of course, if they have their own eReader, remote downloading of titles is certainly my preferred method, and the only sensible option.


Interesting to hear of this new ebook reader coming to the market. I would be interested as its so much cheaper, and I don't mind updating via smartphone and apps. I also don't mind only having 5 books on there. Only downside? Its a shockingly bad advert!

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