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October 25, 2012


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AJ Cann

I disagree. I have been a GiffGaff customer for the last two years. Best mobile service provider I have ever been with.

Phil Bradley

You disagree that a competent company should require email validation before 'joining' someone to their service?

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here really - they may well be good mobile service provider (and since it's you I'll absolutely take that on trust), but that's not really the point I'm making with this post. :)

Charles Oppenheim

They are in breach of the Data Protection Act since they hold inaccurate information about you (i.e., thinking you are a client when you are not). You could complain to the ICO if you were so inclined - assuming they are a UK-based organisation.....

Phil Bradley

Ah well, the interesting point with that Charles is that they don't appear to think they need to register with the ICO as this article from my friend Bill Ray, a reporter at The Register, points out...


Charles Oppenheim

Their failure to register with the ICO is a second, separate offence! They are in breach of the Act over holding inaccurate information whether they have registered or not. Depending on your time available/inclination, you could write a formal complaint about them to the ICO. I can help you draft it if you like!


A password reset link would ask for your email address, when you enter your email address it would come back that you have no account.

No phone number is included in the welcome email as no phone number is yet assigned to the free SIM that is on its way to you, mobile number is assigned when you activate that SIM, not before.

I agree a email confirmation link should be used however you do not have access to anyone elses account.

Phil Bradley

Sorry Thomas but no. The welcoming email that I got did give me a phone number.

ian french

it sounds like they assigned YOU a phone number for the sim card they were sending out.....NOT someone else's number

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