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November 13, 2012


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Gros Micko

Your point of view is quite interesting, because two of my websites were hit by Google Penguin for... backlink SPAM.

So, after reading your post I am thinking "Buy or Not buy BuzzBundle"? That is the question...

I really want to buy it, but I did not want to see again another of my websites be on a black list.

Phil Bradley

I'm sure they'll give you all manner of good reasons why it's a brilliant thing to buy. But if it was me, making up umpteen fake accounts (not that they'd call them that of course), I'd feel a bit uncomfortable about it.

Gros Micko


This new software is like an Atomic arsenal:

1 - You play the Dr Strangelove, and you destroy all Life riding the bomb.

2 - You make peace with yourself and the others, and you offer 50 years of Peace in your home.

So, you have two choices to use it, the bad wild way, and the good wise way.

May the wisdom guides my steps towards Peace.

Fabrizio Azzali

I'm testing BuzzBundle but the Free Version is full of blocks and you cant save the project. It is impossible to test the full funcionality of this software.
May be better if the free version has full functions but for a limited period. (1 week?)


This seems to be the only program out there that can find my brand AND keywords throughout all the forums, Q&a and blogs on the web. If I only use my own identity,and not create other 'identities', would I still be blacklisted should google not like buzzbundle?

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