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November 07, 2012


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Diana Wright

I am more concerned that the first two results for an image search on "dog" appear to be cats.

Phil Bradley

Yes Diana, it's a good point well made. This is one of the ah.. 'advantages' of Google giving personalised results. It's decided that because I'm interested in dogs, I'm interested in all animals, and because some of the people that I follow have posted images of animals (aka cats), I'll be interested in seeing those too. If I remove the personalised search option though, I do get pictures of our canine friends.


The box for 'date range' has gone from the Books Advanced Search and there is now a custom date range option hidden in the search tools but I have not been able to get it to work properly. I regret this because I often used the date range facility to find books published in a specific decade (despite many errors, it was still useful).

What I find particularly infuriating is that one is often unable to use a combination of tools, eg one cannot use both Verbatim and Date Range in the main Google web search.

Eric Sieverts

Terrible design (two partly similar, partly dissimilar horizontal bars on top; the most important one too discrete to be noticed), options missing or hidden under illogical headings, etc. They're messing it up indeed.

Karen Blakeman

Susanne, you can restrict your search by date when using Verbatim but it's a rather roundabout route. You first have to use the daterange: command in your search and then use Verbatim on the results. See number 6 in Beating Google into submission – top tips http://www.rba.co.uk/wordpress/2012/07/11/beating-google-into-submission-top-tips/

Never had to include daterange: in my workshops until Verbatim was introduced. Google doesn't make it easy :-(


I thought I had escaped Google's changes, but alas logged on today to find my links now on the top bar too. My colleague still has the old format. I wonder why it is not consistent for all (we are both signed into Google)...

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