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January 19, 2013


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Chris Smith

Hey Phil. Thanks for checking us out. We are proving our model in the real estate space so if you aren't an agent I agree we aren't too useful, yet.

Our goal, is that whatever YOU specifically are passionate about (cars, food, politics) would each have their own area on our site.

We launched this week. Keep an eye on us. Your feedback is appreciated.

Phil Bradley

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comments; they're much appreciated. I would however say that if that's your goal, then you're simply not making it clear at the moment. I would certainly be inclined to put something on your page(s) to make this point, and also create at least a basic help/FAQ section - which would have given me useful background to write a rather different review!


Arthur Weiss

Chris - I read Phil's post first and then aimed to come back to comment on how right he was. Your search box gives no idea that it's looking at real estate - and how do you separate out the real estate queries from others.

First - most of my searches came back with zero. This included searches on top US companies (as in your video - assuming I'm thinking about a job). Most two-word searches using quotes came back with nothing. Without quotes they came back with nonsense. (Only one result for a search for "New Orleans" from 2 months ago - so not great on looking for real estate there. Remove the quotes and the results are worse - nothing at all on Orleans, but several posts with the word New in them).

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