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January 28, 2013


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Sorry, pedant/easily confused here. Did you mean Facebook rather than Yahoo!?

I wonder if there are more Google accounts in the world than FB accounts? That could be an interesting angle to look at G+ growth from.

Phil Bradley

Sorry Andrew, thanks for correcting me; updated it. :)


Hey Phil! Have been reading you for years. I've posted twice, I think. Thank you for all the posts, reviews, and information. You have helped me immensely through your analysis and announcements.

Okay, that said, these numbers come from here: http://globalwebindex.net/thinking/social-platforms-gwi-8-update-decline-of-local-social-media-platforms

Make sure to check out Brett's post in the comments too. These numbers are far from authoritative. The definition of activity is "Used or contributed to in the past month", and all data comes from online surveys. No word what the N was.

G+ IS a ghost town for the most part. There are so many considerations here. You know how if you search for a business on google, often instead of a maps page, you get sent to a google plus page? Does that count as use? And even asking that is giving too much credence to these numbers, in my opinion. I'd love to see the methodology in detail.

I loved G+ when it started. Just like Google wave. I like G+, and I know people who are active there. But I can't pretend like it's blowing up. It isn't.

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