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January 17, 2013


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Emmanuel Barthe

Hi Phil,

I'm a (French) law librairian researcher, based in Paris.

Thanks for this long, detailed post. I sum it up in your two sentences : «For a library and it's staff to flourish we cannot expect people to come to us in the building. We have to go to them, and they are on Facebook, Twitter and the rest.»

I will certainly try FB's Knowledge Graph when it comes to the French version of FB. I will test it as a search tool. But I won't be on FB.

I think we info professionals can choose whatever respected social platform we want. For instance, I have a blog (old social media), I write in a mailing list (the oldest social media) (Juriconnexion) and I chose Twitter as my social media. No FB, no GG+, no Tumblr, no Pinterest. I don't appreciate their noosy general terms and behaviour. And I'm tired of spending so much time late at night managing again and again my social presence.

IMHO, the keys to this 'I'm free' attitude are :
- 1. to wander through the firm, to visit and chat with the legal interns, whenever possible. I know, that's not as easy for public library employees, but I've known librarians who took their teams to read in open air, in hallways, who participated in every outside-the-library event possible
- 2. to be correctly indexed in a general search engine. I generally rank high in GG. But if FB killed GG, I would probably have to change my mind and do more FB.

BTW, I know your blog thanks to my frequently reading Karen's TFTTR newsletter.

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