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March 17, 2013


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And there's Brief, a Firefox extension:


I've switched to this and it does the job.

Ryan Williams

Thanks for the list Phil, and for taking memamsa for a spin. Improving the user experience is certainly our biggest priority right now.

Tom Roper

A further complication for anyone in the NHS is that all the browser based alternatives to GR that depend on Firefox, Chrome or Safari are off-limits to us, condemned as we are to antiquated versions of IE


Mr. Phil Bradley,I bookmarked your blog a couple weeks ago.I have used it many many times every single day since then.With out even giving it a second thought and this morning when I grabbed my lap top the first thing I did is what has now become second nature to me.I hit my bookmarks scroll down to your icon.{which is so familiar to me that I just fly by all the other ones}I click and then have the fun of deciding which site will suit my search, or I may forget exactly what I was going to search because I start thinking " OOooOOoO That sounds very interesting" or "WTF is that" But however it ends up...I just want to say I definitely have not in any way been dissatisfied. Ive thought more than once that you should consider teaching because you are such a wealth of knowledge and you have a gift in the way you offer it. I am so computer illiterate that it would probably disgust most people.I'm disgusted because my sessions on the computer usually end with me swearing {!@$?!} and swearing that I'm going to throw my laptop out in the street and cheer as its run over. So I really appreciate it when I can find anything that allows me to use it without being on the verge of tears or a conniption fit. Anyhoo ...I feel bad because you have helped me so much and have even thought to thank you because I was so busy taking advantage. I'll bet I'm not the first or the last.So while I my not be the sharpest tool in the shed' at east now I don't have to feel like I'm the most unappreciative. THANK YOU for all you put into your blog I love it. a PBR PhilipBaileyReader Lyn

Andrey Jeglov

I would like suggest another alternatives to google reader. Unlike ordinary RSS-readers, LikeHack (http://likehack.com) adds links from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and also provides two kinds of custom filters to eliminate whole topics by keywords and exclude instagram photos and other media from your feed. It makes also all links you shared searchable.

We have launched recently and glad to invite you to test!

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