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March 23, 2013


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LOL. I have heard of non-net-savvy companies, but what Netvibes have done must take the cake. And its really ironic. A social media monitoring tool, itself censoring critical social media mentions!

Phil Bradley

Interestingly, the comments have reappeared on their Facebook page (though one of mine is still missing) and I'm able to write to it again. I think someone higher up the chain must have come to their senses!

Karl Drinkwater

I agree totally. It was a shock the other day when I opened Netvibes. For me the reasons why new bookmarks widget is awful:
- The links used to all show up in a nice small box, now I have to either scroll up and down or move between screens. Either way I can't see all the links in a popular tag on one screen anymore. They take up so much space.
- There are extra icons taking up space above the links. It used to be small and compact, now there are all sorts of things I don't use e.g. 'search'. Also there are now two 'options' icons doing different things, couldn't all the options go into one place as they used to?
- Clicking another tag used to display those links. Now it displays them AND the previous tag, so you also have to deselect the previous tag, doubling the number of clicks.
- Maybe some people will like the new one but I find it unworkable.

I contacted Netvibes and suggested they reinstate the old bookmarks widget - they could offer both, 'bookmarks 1' and 'bookmarks 2', there's no need to force everyone to use just one design.
Especially since they already have both, there's no extra work involved!

They didn't bother to reply. I have been using Netvibes for years, and always had a positive opinion until this - I'm just shocked that they can roll out changes like this with no consultation, then ignore the people using their product! Maybe they feel like they going to have a monopoly so don't care any more.


Google has been making changes too. Reader is going and iGoogle has been changed twice recently. It seems odd for something to be discontinued in November had to be redone so I lost my Search boxes and chosen feeds. About the only good thing is that nothing has vanished abruptly the way Pageflakes and Marigold did. Yet oddly I hadn`t even noticed changes to Netvibes.

Samantha Grant

I agree entirely with yours and Karl's comments above. I have been a champion of Netvibes for years and this change is the first time I have started to look elsewhere for a more user-friendly feed reader. It's incredibly frustrating. I hope they take some action to address the problem. The bookmarks were great as they were but are almost unusable in their new format. I'll be switching to feedly I think.

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