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June 10, 2013


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Tom Roper

Bulletin Board for Libraries, I thought so
checked with WaybackMachine (pages from May 27 1997):

What is BUBL an acronym for?

It is not an acronym. When BUBL was first established in 1990 the name stood for BUlletin Board for Libraries. However it is now known as the BUBL Information Service, or BUBL for short.

Kevin Ashley

The domain was last updated on 22 May; there's a named contact at Strathclyde for it. Whilst all of this may well be a consequence of changes at Strathclyde, the DNS update suggests something more gentle was meant to happen. Why not contact e.mcculloch@strath.ac.uk who is the named owner?

Phil Bradley

Thanks for that Kevin - but I got a bounce back from the email you suggested. :(


How sad- a little part of my internet searching strategy from the mid-90s has disappeared :(. Vale BUBL

Denise Roberts

I had occasion to look for something on BUBL today - it isn't something I've needed in my present job but it was invaluable in previous roles some time ago. I too ended up at Strathclyde University site, and found this blog after a Google search, so now at least know it no longer exists and agree with previous comments that it is a pity.

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