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June 14, 2013


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Owl of Minerva

I'm not disagreeing this isn't bad, but it's not so bad as you're making out. First, this form only applies to Attendance Allowance and Overseas Pensions. DLA has been replaced with PIP, which the page states and links to the new page on gov.uk

Also, it clearly does state how to claim in another way -- right below where it says "You may want to claim in another way", there's a big CLAIM IN ANOTHER WAY heading, with links to the forms and telephone numbers listed.

I'm not saying this isn't bad, but you are kind of deliberately making it look worse than it is to make a point. A little intellectually dishonest.

Christopher Pipe

I think this calls for a Parliamentary Question - "Is the Sec of State aware ...?"

Phil Bradley

"Intellectually dishonest"? Well, thanks for that. I'll tell you what's dishonest - is a department that is supposed to help people is making it more difficult. Individuals who *know* that what they provide doesn't work. A statement that quite glibly says that they're only considering doing something about it.

You clearly have NO idea what it's like for someone to have to attempt to go through all these forms trying to fill them in and having to deal with answering questions as well as trying to work out how to use a computer, not understanding what's gone wrong and blaming themselves. And getting into such a state that they give up. Before you call me a liar again yes - I DO know people that have experienced exactly that. And next time - if you want to comment, be intellectually honest and tell us all who you actually are.


Exactly!!! Here in the U.S. I fill out five multi-page online forms to apply for and receive the E-Rate rebate on our phone bill. AND it only works properly on Internet Explorer.....which I so rarely use for anything. Firefox all the way!!! I do believe you are correct in saying it's deliberate to make it as difficult as possible so people just give up.

The state has also made our Library Certification process unbelievably complicated. I figure they just want us to give up so they don't have to dole out the State Aid money. It's ruined my summer, I can tell you.

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