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June 18, 2013


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Liz C

Our local library service regularly holds 'meet the manager' sessions where you can go along and raise issues of concern with the Head of Service. When we moved into the area, I went and raised the issue of internet access - mentioning that it disenfranchised the poorest people, and that jobseekers are required to show evidence of having looked for jobs every day (which in today's world often means online). I got the very unsatisfactory answer of 'this is how things are going to be'.

Thanks, Phil, for a cogent and forceful blog post on this subject!

Liz C

Obviously the key point that I left out, which makes the above comment make sense, is that our local library service charges for internet access.

Ian Anstice

Lincolnshire just announced their cuts would lead to 177 less computer terminals. This was justified as the recent DCMS decisions on cuts elsewhere like Bolton said that computer access was not part of the statutory provision. So, open season on computer access then, right at the time when they're needed more than ever.

m cove

We have no plans to charge here and I am amazed and appalled at those that do. How will they cope with 'digital by default'? The lack of legal guidance means this is an all too easy source of cash for hard pressed councils though.

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