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September 18, 2013


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I HATE scammers and spammers! So if it gets enough likes and the page creators sell the page and it changes to something else, surely people will notice the name of the page has changed?

Facebook should be doing something to stop this. Have you got a FB page Phil? Can't we set up a group petition to demand Facebook put an end to this?



People are idiots when it comes to these types of 'like' pages. If they're stupid enough to believe that a company is just going to give away hundreds of products for a simple like/share they deserve to be scammed. How do people not realise this?!? Anyone with half a brain cell could tell there was something not right about this particular Facebook page. I see new 'Apple' giveaway pages crop up everyday & even though I've warned friends that it's a scam some just don't listen or don't get it! You can report the pages for spam/scam and I believe that Facebook does act on this, although it does take some time.

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