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October 11, 2013


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Lisa Basini

Being a Health Librarian I did a few searches based on recent literature searches I did for clinical staff. I had two results for Google, and 1 for Bing - the other two I listed as draws as they pulled up mostly the same results, just in a different order!


Google 2, Bing 0, draw 3

Karen Blakeman

Google 5 Bing 0

Catherine Rochester

Bing 4-1 for me. Time to investigate it further I feel...

Karen Blakeman

With another set of searches the results were Google 4 Bing 1.

Stuart Benjamin

Google 2, Bing 1, 2 score draws


Bing won 4 out of the 5 (Dewey classification, David Jason, Library skills for teens and Cake!) and the extra round was a draw (Dealing with difficult people).


But in the Netherlands we are still directly redirected to the regular BING page :(

Sam Oakley

Google for all 5

Therese K

@Eric: ditto in Australia... :(

Norman Boyd

Google3: Bing2


Google won 3-2. Bing was ok for popular topic, but google was better for technical subjects, metallurgy, reenactment and IT topic

James Blake

Google 2, Bing 2, drew 2

Alice Tyrell

Google 3, Draw 2, Bing 0 ....

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